Strategies and Activities


The Trust’s strategies to fulfil those objectives are:

  1. To continue to sustainably improve its governance.
  2. To manage the resources at its disposal with a view to securing the best possible value for money in pursuit of its aims.
  3. To support the individual Academies in relation to their distinctive features and enrichment activities so as to enhance the cultural capital of the children and young people in their care.


The Trust’s activities in relation to those strategies are:

  1. To provide leadership, and ensure, through their own ongoing self-review, that people with the right knowledge, skills and effective behaviours are in place to discharge the obligations upon them with reference to the Department for Education’s Governance Handbook and Competency Framework.
  2. To ensure that the Trust’s maintenance and development activities and its compliance requirements are fulfilled effectively in relation to (1) finance, health and safety, GDPR, e-safety and the estate; (2) people, their recruitment, retention, rights and responsibilities, and (3) other resources.
  3. To secure economic, efficient, effective and equitable curriculum design within and across phases so that the distinctive features of each Academy and its enrichment activities contribute to enhance the cultural capital of the children and young people in their care. It is about focussing on approaches to pedagogy and wider educational practice through the continuing professional development of teachers so that educational outcomes of children are the best they can be, and related directly to the vision, mission and shared values of the Trust as a whole, and the unique, distinctive ethos of the constituent Academies.